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The sliding patio door has come a very long way.

Gone are the cumbersome, fault-prone sliding doors you might have encountered 10 years ago. In their place is an altogether different proposition. Swish Windows & Doors sister company PatioMaster specialise in in-line sliding patio doors. Most Swish Windows & Doors Authorised Installers will install PatioMaster doors as the system is perfectly designed to complement the Swish Windows & Doors profile system. Available in the same wide range colours and finishes PatioMaster doors are the UK’s leading in-line sliding door choice.

Patio Doors contain the very latest in secure technology

Improved aesthetics and an enhanced link between your home and garden are just two reasons why you may want to install patio doors, but it is just as important that they’re suitably secure. We affix technologically advanced locking mechanisms to our patio doors that when locked keep them firmly in place. They will frustrate anyone who attempts to break their way through.

Security should be regarded as a top priority for patio doors.

We have created a colour range including all your favourites

So that nobody is left disappointed with the choice of colours available for patio doors at Swish, we have tried to develop the widest possible colour palette. We have colour options that will really make your patio doors stand-out, to a series of understated finishes designed to provide them with that timeless feel. Take your time mulling over all of our woodgrain effects, accent colours and sensational shades as there are so many possibilities.

Make your mark on your home with patio doors that bring out the best in it.

Handling your patio doors will be a continuous pleasure

When given the chance to operate patio doors doors for the first time, people are often surprised by how easy it is to slide them open. The credit for this goes to the lightness of the material utilised in the design and also the handle attached to the doors which you use to make the door swiftly move from one end to the other. It will feel so good in your hand and you will become accustomed to using it regularly.

You will soon get to grips with using a patio door.

Patio doors designed exactly how you want them

We would never insist that you have a standard patio door design fitted into your home as that may not be the best option. You need a patio door that complements the size and shape of the relevant room and this is only achievable if you have them suitably configured. Our patio doors can be supplied in two, three and four pane designs. However they’re configured, you can expect them to provide beautiful aesthetics, exceptional energy efficiency and superior security.

You can have your patio doors in multiple arrangements.

Formal assurance of just how good our patio doors are

For most people buying patio doors is a once in a lifetime investment. With so much money at stake you need to be absolutely certain that the patio doors you purchase will offer sufficient quality for years to come. You get that reassurance via the guarantee supplied by Swish which covers you over a lengthy period if any problems occur with your patio doors.

We want you to be as confident about our patio doors as we are.

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Lisa Forey – 14th Oct 2013
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