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Bi-Folding Doors

An attractive, flexible way to access the great outdoors

The Swish Windows & Doors bi-folding door is an ideal and affordable option for anyone looking for an attractive, flexible way to access the great outdoors. Bi-folding doors allow the light to flood into your home, enhancing its sense of space and bringing the outside in during the summer months.

Bi-folding doors are secure enough to frustrate even the shrewdest thieves

Bi-folding doors are an obvious target point for thieves and the last thing you want to do is provide them with an easy gateway into your private living space. Their very presence will hugely reduce the chances of someone gaining unauthorised access into your home and protect your prized possessions. They’re so secure that they have even been been given the much coveted Secured by Design accreditation.

An added barrier to shield your home from unwanted attention.

Colours to make your bi-folding doors sparkle in all conditions

One of the most important considerations when buying bi-folding doors is deciding on a suitable colour. We have purposely rolled out a diverse mix of colour choices so that everyone can find a finish that fits. This includes a spectacular array of contemporary and classic finishes. Don’t be scared to use contrasting colours on the inside and outside of your bi-folding doors if that’s what will best complement the interior and exterior of your home.

Choose a colour that matches your setting.

Get a firm grip on your bi-folding doors

You would be forgiven for thinking that bi-folding doors are very weighty and require a decent amount of force to manoeuvre from one end of the track to the other. The total opposite is actually true. Just a gentle push of the handle will see the door leafs glide and slide open until they reach your desired opening. In just a matter of seconds you can unite home and garden together in a way you never thought imaginable.

Handles that are as elegant as the doors themselves.

The bigger the bi-folds, the more configurations you have

When you incorporate several door leafs in your bi-folding doors it gives you more possibilities in terms of how the doors can be configured. If you were to buy a 6-door bi-fold, you could have all 6 panels folding in the same direction or an alternative would be to have 3 panels fold with the other 3 panels folding in the other direction. You’re best basing your decision on the type of home lifestyle you lead.

Tell us your configuration requirements and we’ll work our magic.

Our guarantee is a sure sign of quality

Rather than just tell you how good our products are, we back up such claims by providing you with a lengthy guarantee. This guarantee covers you for any failures that may occur in your bi-folding doors and means that you won’t have to fork out for any expensive repairs should anything go wrong. Keep the guarantee in safe place and just get in touch with Swish if and when you need to.

Why worry when you have bi-folding doors guaranteed to last?

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Lisa Forey – 14th Oct 2013
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